At the beginning of 2013 we successfully completed a research and development project in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IWM:

“Development of technology and systems for the industrial production of natural composite panels with supporting function”.

During the project key innovations have been developed in the Composite Technology:

C3 Technologies owns knowledge for industrial manufacturing of high performance NaturalComposite materials and sandwich panels based on environmental friendly resin systems (Bisphenol A – free / Formaldehyde – free).

The C3 natural fiber layers (NFC) have much higher strengths, by a lower material thickness, than conventional natural materials, such as Wood, MDF or OSB and at the same time they are suitable for lightweight constructions, due to the low weight.

Through the use of locally available natural fibers of the primary energy consumption is reduced, strengthening local economic cycles and minimizing costs.

C3 has developed a method of intrinsinc foaming of natural and glass fiber layers with polyurethane (PU) which demonstrated the possibility to produce sandwich panels flexible and cost effective for the first time.

This method enables the variable production of sandwich elements with polyurethane core and outer layers of steel, glass fiber or natural fiber on the same production platform.

The flexibility is substantially increased and markets can be operated with a wide range of products.


As member of the German top-cluster “BioEconomy”, C3 is currently working in the project “Lignosandwich” on upscaling of manufacturing processes & technologies for production of sandwich panels made from biobased resin and foaming systems.

After the founding of the company C3 Technologies GmbH in 2010, it proves that the set targets for research and development projects were reached quickly, efficiently and within budget. A major strength of the C3 development work is the direct transfer of the method from laboratory scale to production-ready industrial manufacturing.

This approach of direct upscaling is contiunated with further contractual partners. The special performance of the C3 developments is the rapid transfer of knowledge into applicationready products.