C3 Technologies is a German GreenTech company located in the biggest technology park in Middle Germany in Halle (Saale).

Company focuses on the development, manufacture and marketing of “green“ high-tech composite materials, the C3 composites.

They primarily consist of renewable and regionally available agricultural raw materials, which are not in competition with the food industry.

Compared to conventional materials, C3 composites offer the possibility of material production independent from oil and high-energy processes, while improving the material performance and reducing the production costs.

The material and procedural principles basis for the industrial production of C3 composites was laid in a two year joint research and development project with the Fraunhofer IWM in Halle.

C3 composites are produced on existing, world wide accessible manufacturing technology. Also the innovative mobile production line, called “C3 Plug & Produce“ can be used.

The marketable C3 composites are components for applications in industrial building construction and insulation, shipbuilding, automotive and exhibitions. Besides our components we also offers system solutions.

By the construction of prototypes developments to date were implemented as a “proof of concept“, practically tested and demonstrated.

The aim of C3, besides the already used “green“ components, is to substitute all conventional raw materials with “green“ materials.  For this reason C3 is an active member of the top cluster BioEconomy.